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Opus - Friday, August 16, 2013
An Opus is one's great work.
The Big Dream!

What do you want? Be Fearless!

Your great work will build itself if you allow it to be the guiding force in you life. Forget what everyone else says, just do what you know in your heart feels right. Fantasy is Our Heart?s Desire, and it is the seed of our Opus. We need to cultivate it, give it water, give it emotional power, and give it Love. Think like a kid, dream, fantasize, play, and think up your happiest possible way to spend your days and that is the seed of your Opus!

Seize the Day! Friday, August 2, 2013
Challenge yourself to be aware, awake and mindful of this new day. Go out into a today as a new person released from 2/2 (Ground Hog Day) into 2/3 and 4 and 5 and a whole new journey that is filled with possibility and passion for life. Greet this day and say Thank You for another wonderful day to be alive.

Fearless - July 30, 2010
FEAR is the worst four letter word out there because it has a sticking power. ?Fear of what??, you might ask. Well the answer is as individual as each and every person. Like snowflakes our fears are one of a kind and like snowflakes they can melt away and become healing waters as soon as we shine the warm light of truth upon them. May you meet the world with your heart wide open and may you never miss a moment to LIVE Fearlessly!

Truth - July 23, 2010
Your heart, your truth will lead you to your destiny, if you let it. The question is: will you choose to live your truth? Will you choose to flow with your destiny or will you say no and fight yourself?

Courage - July 16, 2010
The word Courage is a French word that loosely translates as 'Passion of the Heart'. To live from the heart is to love with wisdom and courage; to be brave enough to allow one?s open heart to feel all the emotions it has the capacity to feel and to respond with truth and grace. To follow one?s truth (heart) with grace is not rational and it is not logical, it just is. In matters of life the heart rules.

It's a 2222 Snowing Love Day!
This day is magical, not only because it is 2222 but also because it is Snowing. The elements came together 2 by 2 by 2 by 2 blanketing this little place on the earth with Love and Peace. So today I share some beautiful thoughts with you hoping you might share this beautiful day with someone you love!

Be The Lighthouse for someone you love so that they don't crash into the rocks - February 12, 2008
A Lighthouse is a strong, solid structure, with a brilliant light that guides ships through the most treacherous waters to safe harbor. In this crazy world, we all need a little beacon of hope once in a while.

Awaken By The Wolf - January 10, 2007
Open to the love that is all around. Renew and remember the beautiful story that is the fabric of yourself...

And This Is What You Shall Do - by: Walt Whitman. December 5, 2006
This is one of my favorite poems by Walt Whitman. It's something to think about when the Holiday frenzy starts getting to you. It's a little perspective on things. Things that matter, and things that don't.

Thoughts are Things...share them! September 29, 2006
Can one person's thoughts change the whole dynamic of this planet? Your thoughts are things, share them!

Energy, Compassion and Survival link us all to The Spirit Tree. August 1, 2006
Consciousness is eternal. Our energy transmutes. Existence is not entirely linked to the physical body. We are all the Spirit Tree, linked through energy waves. Our compassion can raise consciousness by spinning our energy waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, changing our chemistry, raising our frequency, and thereby moving us towards Illumination.

Mind Matter, Memory, War and Peace July 19, 2006
Sometimes I go on these mind journeys. A combination of mind matter, imagination and intuition - wonderings. Today I wonder why we so easily accept someone else's dream - the "American Dream" without even wondering if that is really what our heart desires or what makes us feel alive and at peace. Is the root of all suffering, the root of war, desire or memory?

KEEP OUT! Authorized Entry for the "IN" crowd only. April 27, 2006
Why do people go to such great lengths to "Fit In"? Are the power sellers of our mainstream media responsible for so many people in this world feeling like they are outside the tribe?

The Mad Scientist's Office. April 5, 2006
Once a year, around my birthday, I take a look around my office and try to re-evaluate and weed through the junk...the good, the bad and the ugly.

I feel the quickening, where is Spring? March 6, 2006
March is here and it's finally the end of the winter. It's the last few quiet moments before life begins anew. In the quite darknness of the warm spring earth lies the Golden Seed of your dreams. Get ready ... spring is almost here.

Growing Pains. February 21, 2006
Growing pains don't have to be about suffering, sometimes they're really funny. They are always necessary and they are good for us.

Inspiration! February 14, 2006
Creativity is so Inspiring! I Love it when people bring good energy and share it. The spiraling up of energy, that moving on a wavelength that grows, and multiplies the energy. It is really amazing. I got some of that energy and it so inspired me to continue to grow Peace. We can all grow the energy and grow Peace in our world. I am inspired today and I want to share that energy with you. Everyday I try to fill my heart with Love, Peace and Compassion and move my good energy out.

Life is a Rollercoaster. November 16, 2005
Do you like rollercoasters? 456 feet in the air, 128 miles per hour, the ride last only seconds. Life is like a rollercoaster. If you really want to get the fullest experience, when you get to the top you have to let go. You have to put your hands up in the sky and let go and embrace the fear. Riding a rollercoaster is really just symbolic what I'm really talking about is letting go in life, taking chances. Is the hardest thing letting go or is the hardest thing believing that the fall won't be fatal?

Seashells and A Universe of Possiblity. November 15, 2005
I found this really beautiful big Atlantic Moon Seashell today. What's really interesting is that the inside is even more beautiful and spectacular than the outside. Maybe a lot of things are like that. Inside what we think is reality is a more spectactular and amazing reality just waiting for us to mature the conception of relationships between one another. It's a universe of possibility...

The Power of One, Stronger then you think. November 1, 2005
There is no number more powerful than One. One person can do so much if you are willing to get a little dirty and work hard. Rosa Parks was a famous One, but we can all do our little bit. Sometimes you might think your efforts are a waste of time but they are not. It may take years to see the the fruits of your labor. But your power can affect the lives of many, by giving joy, peace and friendship.

Rosa Parks is an American Hero and a Courageous, Inspiration to All Women and to All People. October 26, 2005
Rosa Parks is an American Hero. A woman who quietly, peacefully, guided public consciousness towards racial equality. To me she is a courageous and inspirational role model. A woman who refused to be marginalized or acquiesce to demeaning treatment We as a society have come a long way in 50 years, but we have a long way to go. Like Rosa Parks, the champions of our future will be Women.

Poems, dreams, stuff you might find and think about on a rainy day. Otober 25, 2005
When the weather is really lousy you might find yourself, as I did today, looking through stuff. Piles of things you've been meaning to get to but just haven't had the time. Those little pieces of thought, the sketches of dreams, profound thoughts written on a scrap of paper or a poem stuffed into a folder. Little bits of dream matter...what to make of them, and do they matter?

Stress... New York is always on Terror Alert. How do we deal? October 13, 2005
Stress, it makes your neck hurt, your mind dull and your day distracted. Most of the time we stress about things we have no control of. Here in New York we are always on Terror Alert. People are wigged out. The Mayor gets on TV and says stupid things. How do we deal? We listen to our Pod of course.

Ripple Effect. September 12, 2005
If one person, just one person has a really big idea, and they tell another person or two people, the ripple is bigger, and soon it washes over what was once there and creates a new landscape.

Don't be in such a hurry. August 30, 2005 RT 12:26
One day, a snowy day I had this revelation of thought, I wasn't paying attention because I had so much on my mind and I crashed into the car in front of me. I get out of the car and I say to this old man "Im so sorry" and this old man says to me "Don't Be in Such A Hurry, I'm Worried About You - Slow Down, Don't Be in Such a Rush!". And the guy says forget it.

Global Connections. August 29, 2005
We connect in a multitude of ways but connecting as a global people is a lot harder to do. It has to be personal, there has to be some familiarity or it's hard to make the connection. I think that's why some of these major religions are floundering. They don't make it personal because it's very difficult to connect to something that worked 2000 years ago.

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