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Fire The Grid on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT
Take one hour out of your life on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT to join in a World Wide gathering of Mind and Love Energy to heal ourselves and especially our Planet. Share your power and fill your hour with Love and Gratitude! For more details go to

Religiosity is Poison to Women. Why is George Bush aligned with a church that hurts us? - April 16, 2007
What's with George and the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast? Our founding fathers included a specific separation of church and state for many good reasons. Women should be outraged by this misuse of public office.

Belief, Faith, Self Help... A personal relationship with your Creator - September 20, 2006
Why is it that people seem to think that they need a teacher to teach them how to have a relationship with their creator. Spirituality, like breathing, is a natural function of who we are. We are all born with this ability of communion.

The Sleepy Marsh is Always Beautiful! April 10, 2006
The sleepy marsh is so beautiful. Even in the early spring before the marsh awakens it can lift your spirits and rejuvenate your body and mind. Take a day off sometimes, and remember why you are alive!

Wake Up Pretty Bird and Remember Who You Are! January 6, 2006
This country is full of "Pretty Birds", people who have been blessed with money and privilege. How is it that the idealistic baby boomers, the Woodstock Generation who once believed that we could make a difference have turned to lifestyles of vanity, excess and ego feeding? America spends 12 billion dollars a year on looking pretty while the world struggles with staying alive. What happened to us?

The Creative force is very Spiritual and we All have it. September 29, 2005
Everyone is creative, whether or not you consider yourself an artist. I think spirituality is a creative force. Some kind of connection that we all make. You don't have to be able to draw or paint or compose music to be an artist. It's this very individual, very personal understanding of the One, the Everything. So many of us over the years have been squashed by a mentor, someone whom we might have looked up to. These hurt our understanding of creativeness, our personal sense of spirit, and contribute to a hurting world.

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