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Happy Thanksgiving! Nov. 23, 2006
The best part about Thanksgiving is that it has everything to do with family, friends, and giving thanks, and nothing to do with religion. Please remember those who are still hungry. Go to get involved and help end poverty.

May Day - May 1, 2006
May Day History and Mythology is fascinating... It has become the day of the worker, but it stared out as something much more fun!

Vacation, Resolutions and New Year's stuff January 3, 2006
I had a great vacation! I left all of my technology behind and went snowboarding with my family. Now the New Year's resolution...mine is to continue podcasting for peace. To work towards living a life of grace and humility, always thinking about 'paying it forward'.

Great Sweet Potatoes start with Fresh Yams. ENJOY! November 23, 2005
Great sweet potatoes start with fresh yams. It's so simple, use fresh ingredients, don't overcook them, use a little maple syrup (the real kind no fake substitutes), a little cinnamon and they are done. Tasty and delicious - Enjoy! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Christmas in November? Bah Humbug! November 14, 2006
Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet, Halloween has just passed. It's only the beginning of November and the media marketing machine is already churning. I find the whole gifting thing becomming just nauseating. I say we boycott the gifting, save tons of money on wrapping paper and send it to some really worthy charity.

Trick or Treat-Happy Halloween. October 31, 2005
Happy Halloween!
Treat ???
Come in and find out....

An Apple a Day. October 5, 2005
Apples have been associated with love, health, and a great deal of mythology over the years. Sir Isaac Newton, Aphrodite, Avalon and Hippocrates all share apple lore. There are over 7500 different varieties and almost as many stories. There's nothing like biting into an apple right off the tree. In honor of Rosh Hashanah my family and I went apple picking.

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