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Playing is more than just FUN! October 9, 2006
The American Academy of Pediatrics has finally figured out what Moms have known since the beginning of order to be happy and healthy Children NEED playtime!

There is something very wrong with Armed Educators! October 6, 2006
It's a serious 'Wake-Up Call' to all people when our lawmakers suggest that we arm principles and teachers against our students. Why aren't we looking at the cause instead of throwing more violence at the violence?

School Violence October 4, 2006
Are we pushing kids too hard? In an effort to create Super-hero kids are public schools pushing children over the edge? What happens when kids have no outlet for the stress?

Back to School and the silly bureaucracy is in Full Swing - September 14, 2006
Why do schools think that kids are somehow not human beings. Every school year is filled with silly rules, memos, meetings, mostly nonsense. What's with the Lab Lunch?

School Projects, is this homework for Kids or Parents? April 4, 2006
Dioramas, tri-boards and enormously involved school projects, most kids can't do them without help. Eventually, even with the help of a parent kids get bored and check out. For parents it's a tremendous amount of work just trying to keep the kids on task so the project gets completed. The real challenge is to have fun with it too!

Missing the Mark on Youth Sports! March 29, 2006
From Little League all the way through High School we are sending a terrible message to our children. The dog eat dog mentality of youth sports is not fostering healthy minds or bodies. Perhaps it's time to rein in our school coaches, administrators and the mainly publicly funded programs that hurt our kids.

Public Education, what are they teaching our kids? November 28, 2005
What are our children really being taught by Public Education? Is it really possible that lesson plans used 30 years ago are appropriate and useful today? Are we planting seeds of cruelty? As we evolve why aren't the lessons evolving? Art, music, literature, film, all evolve but education is lagging way behind.

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