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Patriarchal Faiths and Governments Encourage Terrorism through Religiosity - April 18, 2007
Will women ever stand up and be counted? When is enough, enough? Instead of chasing ghosts, arm the powerless and teach them how to protect themselves and their children from men who use God as a weapon.

"Kosher for Passover" - Media hype or meaningful? April 12, 2006
The spring holiday's are upon us and year after year I wonder, as many do, what value there is in the specially designated foods and the leavening vs. un-leavening debate. Is it just another way to segregate, manipulate and oppress?

Why would a Cleric need an Army? February 27, 2006
When Clerics engage in violence, it seems to me, that they are no longer holy men. Abdulaziz al-Hakim is the most influential Shia Muslim leader in the Iraqi Parlament. He controls a militia of twenty thousand and my question is what in the world does a Cleric need with an army?

Is it Blasphemous? February 22, 2006
Is it blasphemous to say that these old books don't serve us anymore and should be thrown in the garbage? Well, that's only if you think that they are sacred. Can something be sacred if it hurts and demoralizes half of the population of the planet?

France is burning. November 9, 2005
France is burning. Cries of God is Great echo throughout hundreds of towns and provinces. Bands of youth riot and vandalize burning thousands of cars. They are breaking into shops, burning schools, bus stations and even a police station. Poverty, unemployment and discrimination are at the heart of the matter, the undercurrent is revolution...

Be Informed -Take time to understand the Spiritual practices of others. October 14, 2005
What is the meaning of life? Were we created by God? Who's in charge? Who knows, but 88% of Americans believe in some kind of spiritual answer. People go through lots of very difficult and painful things and at some point you realize that we are all in this together, we are all one. Take time to be informed, to understand the Spiritual practices of others.

What does it mean to be Spiritual? September 28, 2005
What exactly does it mean to be spiritual? A lot of people go to church, temple or mosque. Everybody knows what they know, what they know to be their own truth. People trying to make sense of what we're doing here. The unanswerable questions. Do you need to pay homage to some guy that sits on a golden thrown? So many of us are led to believe God to be some angry man. I don't think so


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