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Post Traumatic Stress - April 12, 2007
Post Traumatic Stress is real and it really hurts. Millions of people struggle with it, including tens of thousands of our soldiers. Understanding where to put these these traumatic experiences is half the battle towards easing pain.

America's favorite pastime...but where are the women?
The Mets are trying to clinch the National Championships. Everyone in New York is glued to the games. Why don't I care?

Schedules, boon or bane? February 23, 2006
Schedules can either make life run smoothly or can make life miserable. For working moms, school vacations and the constant rescheduling around other people's schedules can really get exhausting. It is no wonder women find it so hard to be taken seriously

Take a Snap Shot of One Amazing Moment and Keep it Forever. October 24, 2005
It's so hard when you come home with a newborn. My first baby was so colicky that she cried for four months straight. I couldn't even imagine a peaceful, happy, contented baby, but one night she stopped crying. She stopped just for a couple of minutes, and I told myself "remember this moment, remember this time" I really locked it in my mind. I hardly remember anything else about her being a newborn but that moment, that sweet moment is mine forever....

Monday and the Dinner Dilemma. October 17, 2005
Another week and again the age old question... What's for dinner? For me, and most mom's it's the 'Dilemma of my Life'. If you ask kids what they want they'll tell you cake. But you can't give them cake. I'm out of ideas. Today I tried something new. How did it go you might ask? Well,I'm onto dinner number two today. It's been that kind of Monday.


Happy Valentines Day! VideoCast #2
Happy Valentines Day to all Lovers in 2006!

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