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Breaking the Cycle Will Bring Us Closer to a Peaceful World - April 19, 2007
When traditions don't serve the people it is really important to make changes. Each tiny contribution will change what it will change, and each baby step is essential to Breaking the Cycle.

Holy See...Holy Shit! September 19, 2006
In such a hotly debated political world the Pope's comments are anything but peaceful. Pope Benedict XVI has insulted and pissed off over 22% of the population of the planet. Instead of apologizing, he arrogantly sits on his golden thrown firmly hanging onto his ego in an act of uncompromising pomposity. Is this the behavior of a man of peace?

Poker, War and Peace August 10, 2006
This ever changing world is one giant poker game among the world's top gamers. So what would happen if one inspired player decided to fold, pick up their chips and move on?

Peace, War and Graduation 2006! June 20, 2006
There is a time for Peace, a time for War, and a time for Celebration. June is a time for Graduates and their Families to rejoice! Some folks feel that anytime is a good time to protest the war... I disagree! Every purpose has a time, but at all times Peace requires respect.

HELP! Wal-Mart is trying to Hijack Mr. Smiley. May 17, 2006
The retail giant Wal-Mart is trying to Hijack Mr. Smiley from the public. What is this world coming to?

UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 2. March 2, 2006
The impending take over of six major United States Seaports is freaking people out. Here in New York, Congressman, Senators, the International Longshoreman's Association, the United States Coast Guard and civilians alike have expressed serious concern. Recent polls indicate that fifty eight percent of the country is opposed to the ports deal.

Wake Up LMDC, The WTC Memorial needs a redesign! February 28, 2006
This design was ridiculous from the very beginning. Since January 2004 family members, and New Yorkers have all expressed their great unhappiness with the selection. Why would the LMDC choose to leave us and our beloved city with some dank dark holes in the ground? This should be a beautiful cathedral built to hope. The World Trade Center should be replaced by The World Peace Center, a place of honor and renewal. Where the over 3000 souls from 92 countries can be remembered and celebrated. We need to build a place where our loved ones will shine and where the world will shine!

Global Connectios: Us, Them and most importantly We! Part 2 January 11, 2006
We are flying all over the world, the boundaries and boarders of continents and countries and waters and things are so muddy and smudged. People connect from all over the world. Cultures connect from all over the world. It is such a global community now that some of the dogma and the precepts and the customs and things that were so important at a certain time and a certain place are just so irrelevant today. They don?t work now and we need to find a new way to understand and relate to one another.

Global Connections: Us, Them and Most Importantly We. Part 1 January 10, 2006
Us vs. Them... racism, in all forms is such an ugly manifestation of fear. I often wonder how it became so ingrained in our societies. We all bleed, we all breath air, we all desire love. All over the world people talk about ?Us? and ?Them? as if somehow we are different. History books would have little to talk about if it were not for one group fighting another for the right to be ?right? I guess. When will we get it that Us is Them, and we are all one.

Haiti, a country built on freedom poor beyond belief. January 4, 2006
Haiti is a country built on freedom. Possibly the only country formed by the successful revolution of slaves. An amazing accomplishment yet the country is in shambles. Broken and poor beyond belief, eighty percent of the population lives on less than one dollar a day.

Peace and Blessings to all people of all faiths! December 21, 2005
The great miracle of this season remains Peace, LOVE, Light and the divine presence in each and every creation of Light. During this beautiful festival time of conscience and introspection, look in the mirror. What you see looking back at you is as much the Messiah as any will ever be. You and every single person on this planet has the power of one. WE ARE ONE. Give a gift of light to the future. Give yourself, your Love and your commitment to PEACE.

Imagine. In memory of John Lennon 1940-1980. December 8, 2005
IMAGINE...So important a message that 150 Nations contributed to the Garden of Peace that surrounds the beautiful mosaic inscribed with one single word, IMAGINE, embodying the principle of world peace. On the 25th Anniversary of the loss of John Lennon, we remember and reflect. "Imagine all the people living life in Peace... I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one."

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