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Podcast #251
April 18, 2007 - RT 10:49
Patriarchal Faiths and Governments Encourage Terrorism through Religiosity - April 18, 2007

Will women ever stand up and be counted? When is enough, enough? Instead of chasing ghosts, arm the powerless and teach them how to protect themselves and their children from men who use God as a weapon.

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Podcast # 249
Apr 12, 2007 - RT 9:44
Post Traumatic Stress - April 12, 2007
Podcast # 250
Apr 16, 2007 - RT 12:43
Religiosity is Poison to Women. Why is George Bush aligned with a church that hurts us? - April 16, 2007
Podcast # 252
Apr 19, 2007 - RT 10:01
Breaking the Cycle Will Bring Us Closer to a Peaceful World - April 19, 2007
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