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Podcast #238
September 20, 2006 - RT 4:55
Belief, Faith, Self Help... A personal relationship with your Creator - September 20, 2006

Why is it that people seem to think that they need a teacher to teach them how to have a relationship with their creator. Spirituality, like breathing, is a natural function of who we are. We are all born with this ability of communion.

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Podcast # 235
Aug 10, 2006 - RT 3:54
Poker, War and Peace August 10, 2006
Podcast # 236
Sep 14, 2006 - RT 7:24
Back to School and the silly bureaucracy is in Full Swing - September 14, 2006
Podcast # 237
Sep 19, 2006 - RT 13:38
Holy See...Holy Shit! September 19, 2006
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