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Podcast #231
July 17, 2006 - RT 6:25
Back to Work! July 17, 2006

I've been away on vacation, and while I was off resting, the world seems to have gone crazier. It's Monday, the mail is piled up, the Middle East is blowing up, and while I was resting, the world has gone as usual.

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Podcast # 229
Jun 20, 2006 - RT 8:14
Peace, War and Graduation 2006! June 20, 2006
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Jul 05, 2006 - RT 6:13
A Congress of Greed and Indifference! July 5, 2006
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Jul 19, 2006 - RT 8:46
Mind Matter, Memory, War and Peace July 19, 2006
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