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Podcast #217
April 25, 2006 - RT 9:04
KEEP OUT! Authorized Entry for the "IN" crowd only. April 27, 2006

Why do people go to such great lengths to "Fit In"? Are the power sellers of our mainstream media responsible for so many people in this world feeling like they are outside the tribe?

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Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday
Podcast # 214
Apr 11, 2006 - RT 3:43
Rocky, the dog, got a picture ID card... what's that about? April 11, 2006
Podcast # 215
Apr 12, 2006 - RT 3:33
"Kosher for Passover" - Media hype or meaningful? April 12, 2006
Podcast # 216
Apr 18, 2006 - RT 10:32
Women need to step up and support each other! April 18, 2006
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