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Podcast #211
April 04, 2006 - RT 8:29
School Projects, is this homework for Kids or Parents? April 4, 2006

Dioramas, tri-boards and enormously involved school projects, most kids can't do them without help. Eventually, even with the help of a parent kids get bored and check out. For parents it's a tremendous amount of work just trying to keep the kids on task so the project gets completed. The real challenge is to have fun with it too!

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Podcast # 209
Mar 29, 2006 - RT 11:18
Missing the Mark on Youth Sports! March 29, 2006
Podcast # 210
Mar 30, 2006 - RT 9:51
Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team Accused of Gang Raping a Young Woman. March 30, 2006
Podcast # 212
Apr 05, 2006 - RT 6:20
The Mad Scientist's Office. April 5, 2006
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