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Podcast #200
March 10, 2006 - RT 12:50
Write a New Program, Free of Dis-Ease! March 10, 2006

I was thinking about disease. In general, what is Dis-Ease? How have the old bastions of perceived authority affected our lives? Who is running the machine? Is the perceived authority of the machine causing the disease? Perhaps it's time for a new operating system. We have an infinite number of program choices, and our choices will affect our future and the future of our children. How exactly a new world paradigm, free of disease is to be birthed, depends on women.

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Podcast # 197
Mar 07, 2006 - RT 14:59
South Dakota Bans Abortion, Part 1 March 7, 2006
Podcast # 198
Mar 08, 2006 - RT 14:13
South Dakota Bans Abortion, Part 2 March 8, 2006
Podcast # 199
Mar 09, 2006 - RT 16:12
South Dakota Bans Abortion, Part3 March 9, 2006
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