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Podcast #192
February 28, 2006 - RT 11:50
Wake Up LMDC, The WTC Memorial needs a redesign! February 28, 2006

This design was ridiculous from the very beginning. Since January 2004 family members, and New Yorkers have all expressed their great unhappiness with the selection. Why would the LMDC choose to leave us and our beloved city with some dank dark holes in the ground? This should be a beautiful cathedral built to hope. The World Trade Center should be replaced by The World Peace Center, a place of honor and renewal. Where the over 3000 souls from 92 countries can be remembered and celebrated. We need to build a place where our loved ones will shine and where the world will shine!

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Podcast # 193
Mar 01, 2006 - RT 06:32
UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 1. March 1, 2006
Podcast # 194
Mar 02, 2006 - RT 07:44
UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 2. March 2, 2006
Podcast # 195
Mar 03, 2006 - RT 11:48
UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports Part 3. March 3, 2006
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