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Podcast #191
February 27, 2006 - RT 11:17
Why would a Cleric need an Army? February 27, 2006

When Clerics engage in violence, it seems to me, that they are no longer holy men. Abdulaziz al-Hakim is the most influential Shia Muslim leader in the Iraqi Parlament. He controls a militia of twenty thousand and my question is what in the world does a Cleric need with an army?

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Podcast # 193
Mar 01, 2006 - RT 06:32
UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 1. March 1, 2006
Podcast # 194
Mar 02, 2006 - RT 07:44
UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 2. March 2, 2006
Podcast # 195
Mar 03, 2006 - RT 11:48
UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports Part 3. March 3, 2006
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