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Podcast #180
January 25, 2006 - RT 11:18
Enron and the Bush Connection, it is a lot more involved than you think. January 25, 2006

Enron, Kenneth Lay and George Bush both Junior and Senior have a very close friendship with many mutual business dealings. Finally after over 4 years, the Enron trial begins. It will either be a rude awakening to America of the extent of corruption in our government, or it will be swept under the rug by the enormouns money and power of the Bush Dynasty.

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Podcast # 177
Jan 18, 2006 - RT 06:49
What did our Founding Fathers Seek? Freedom from King George January 18, 2006
Podcast # 178
Jan 23, 2006 - RT 10:04
What happened to the Fourth Amendment? January 23, 2006
Podcast # 179
Jan 24, 2006 - RT 16:29
Drones, Unmanned Ultra High Tech Remote Controlled Killing Devices. January 24, 2006
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