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Podcast #166
December 21, 2005 - RT 10:47
Peace and Blessings to all people of all faiths! December 21, 2005

The great miracle of this season remains Peace, LOVE, Light and the divine presence in each and every creation of Light. During this beautiful festival time of conscience and introspection, look in the mirror. What you see looking back at you is as much the Messiah as any will ever be. You and every single person on this planet has the power of one. WE ARE ONE. Give a gift of light to the future. Give yourself, your Love and your commitment to PEACE.

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Podcast # 163
Dec 12, 2005 - RT 12:56
HR 2631 is a bill called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund. December 12, 2005
Podcast # 164
Dec 13, 2005 - RT 12:57
Is Capital Punishment Federal Government Sanctioned Killing? December 13, 2005
Podcast # 165
Dec 14, 2005 - RT 20:37
Capital Punishment Part 2 Look at the Social commentary underlying crime. December 14, 2005
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