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Podcast #164
December 13, 2005 - RT 12:57
Is Capital Punishment Federal Government Sanctioned Killing? December 13, 2005

The notorious Stanley "Tookie" Williams was executed by lethal injection this week. We condemn the public hangings in Riyadh but are we any better. Can taking a life in anger and vengeance alleviate the pain, loss, suffering and anguish of losing a loved one. Is killing a relief of bereavement or does it create more horror. "Thou shalt not kill" so many laws are built on the tenants of faith, but how does it work that the punishment for killing is killing? It hasn't worked in over 2000 years so why would it start working now? Is there a better way?

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Podcast # 162
Dec 09, 2005 - RT 14:34
Ethanol Fuel from Corn. Clean, cheep, renewable and homegrown. December 9, 2005
Podcast # 163
Dec 12, 2005 - RT 12:56
HR 2631 is a bill called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund. December 12, 2005
Podcast # 165
Dec 14, 2005 - RT 20:37
Capital Punishment Part 2 Look at the Social commentary underlying crime. December 14, 2005
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