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Podcast #162
December 09, 2005 - RT 14:34
Ethanol Fuel from Corn. Clean, cheep, renewable and homegrown. December 9, 2005

We grow more corn than anyone in the world. Ethanol Fuel made from corn is a stable reliable proven technology for the production of fuel that can run vehicles that are currently running on our roads. We have the technology, the land, the scientific and engineering know how to make this a reality. It will be good for the environment create jobs and it will stop our reliance on foreign oil. Forty percent of the vehicles in Brazil run on ethanol, so what are we waiting for?

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Podcast # 159
Dec 05, 2005 - RT 13:12
Eight Hundred attorneys standing by to defend Christmas. Go figure! December 5, 2005
Podcast # 160
Dec 06, 2005 - RT 14:38
Who is broadcasting to our troops, and what is the ADF connection? December 6, 2005
Podcast # 161
Dec 08, 2005 - RT 5:49
Imagine. In memory of John Lennon 1940-1980. December 8, 2005
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