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Podcast #156
November 29, 2005 - RT 9:13
This country was built by immigrants. We need a policy! November 29, 2005

This country was built by immigrants. People want to come here and make a better life. That is a compliment, not a detriment. What we need to figure out is how to handle the documentation.

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Podcast # 155
Nov 28, 2005 - RT 13:18
Public Education, what are they teaching our kids? November 28, 2005
Podcast # 157
Dec 01, 2005 - RT 5:05
Dance of a Tree. December 1, 2005
Podcast # 158
Dec 02, 2005 - RT 11:35
Propaganda, a weapon of war but probably safer than most. December 2, 2005
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