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Podcast #154
November 23, 2005 - RT 3:22
Great Sweet Potatoes start with Fresh Yams. ENJOY! November 23, 2005

Great sweet potatoes start with fresh yams. It's so simple, use fresh ingredients, don't overcook them, use a little maple syrup (the real kind no fake substitutes), a little cinnamon and they are done. Tasty and delicious - Enjoy! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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Podcast # 151
Nov 18, 2005 - RT 17:21
The Patriot Act Part 2 Who is flying the Spaceship? November 18, 2005
Podcast # 152
Nov 21, 2005 - RT 9:59
Five Billion Six Hundred Million dollars on an Anthrax Vaccine. Why? November 21, 2005
Podcast # 153
Nov 22, 2005 - RT 20:05
Remembering JFK and his Challenge with a new one. November 22, 2005
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