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Podcast #153
November 22, 2005 - RT 20:05
Remembering JFK and his Challenge with a new one. November 22, 2005

President John F. Kennedy challenged this country to land a man on the moon and return him safely home within one decade. This country mobilized like never before or since in the history of America and accomplished an amazing feat. Our energy crisis demands such action.

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Podcast # 151
Nov 18, 2005 - RT 17:21
The Patriot Act Part 2 Who is flying the Spaceship? November 18, 2005
Podcast # 152
Nov 21, 2005 - RT 9:59
Five Billion Six Hundred Million dollars on an Anthrax Vaccine. Why? November 21, 2005
Podcast # 154
Nov 23, 2005 - RT 3:22
Great Sweet Potatoes start with Fresh Yams. ENJOY! November 23, 2005
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