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Podcast #146
November 10, 2005 - RT 14:57
Oil Companies and Foreign Governments Twist the American People, squeezing the market and ripping us off. November 10, 2005

Thirty Three billion dollars in profits in one quarter. Consumers in the United States are stuck with a system that belongs in a museum. Fossil fuels, oil and natural gas are the life blood of the US economy. We are being held hostage by big Oil companies, and radical foreign governments. This is a National Security Issue.

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Podcast # 143
Nov 07, 2005 - RT 15:52
First In A Series Walk a Mile featuring Henry Luk in China Part 1. November 7, 2005
Podcast # 144
Nov 08, 2005 - RT 17:02
Second In A Series Walk a Mile featuring Henry Luk in China Part 2. November 8, 2005
Podcast # 145
Nov 09, 2005 - RT 14:09
France is burning. November 9, 2005
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