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Podcast #142
November 04, 2005 - RT 6:00
Judge Samuel Alito Not Supreme Court Material. November 4, 2005

Judge Samuel Alito, the most recent nominee to the Supreme Court is another really strange choice. I wonder if The White House has been doing their homework. It has been reported that he refused to recuse himself from two cases in which he had personal, financial conflicts of interest. Does that really show just prudence? Is this really befitting of a Supreme Court Justice?

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Podcast # 139
Nov 01, 2005 - RT 8:47
The Power of One, Stronger then you think. November 1, 2005
Podcast # 140
Nov 02, 2005 - RT 1:26
IronDove Promo
Podcast # 141
Nov 03, 2005 - RT 16:17
Unity is written into the currency of our Country. November 3, 2005
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