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Podcast #132
October 21, 2005 - RT 14:34
Poverty - Can it be Eradicated by Empowering Women? Part 2. October 21, 2005

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the poorest places on earth. Twenty thousand people a day die there of thirst and starvation. One amazing woman has identified a real workable sustainable solution. She recognized that 80 percent of the farmers in Africa are women, and mobilized them to plant trees. Women are the caretakers and the keepers of the womb of humanity. The womb of humanity is the Earth.

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Podcast # 129
Oct 18, 2005 - RT 29:52
First In A Series - Walk A Mile Featuring: Josh In Japan. October 18, 2005
Podcast # 130
Oct 19, 2005 - RT 15:56
Another Young Mother A Victim, her small children Orphaned. October 19, 2005
Podcast # 131
Oct 20, 2005 - RT 11:06
Poverty - Can it be Eradicated by Empowering Women? Part 1. October 20, 2005
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