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Podcast #130
October 19, 2005 - RT 15:56
Another Young Mother A Victim, her small children Orphaned. October 19, 2005

Another day and another young mother is found beaten to death, a victim of domestic violence. This 24 year old woman left a toddler and a four month old infant orphaned. Maybe it's time to think about marriage like driving a car. You take a course and a written test so Marriages don't have to crash and burn. Then people might know how to get off the road of marriage with out violence.

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Podcast # 129
Oct 18, 2005 - RT 29:52
First In A Series - Walk A Mile Featuring: Josh In Japan. October 18, 2005
Podcast # 131
Oct 20, 2005 - RT 11:06
Poverty - Can it be Eradicated by Empowering Women? Part 1. October 20, 2005
Podcast # 132
Oct 21, 2005 - RT 14:34
Poverty - Can it be Eradicated by Empowering Women? Part 2. October 21, 2005
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