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Podcast #123
October 07, 2005 - RT 07:33
In Afghanistan 25 percent of Parliament seats are reserved for women. Why not in USA? October 7, 2005

Twenty Seven Year old Malalai Joya was elected to Parliament in Afghanistan. She is an outspoken opponent of the powerful Warlords in that country. As we, the US continue to assist this country to build a democratic government, we have helped them write into their official documentation a requirement that 25 percent of the parliamentary seats will be reserved for women. Why not here in the USA?

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Podcast # 120
Sep 29, 2005 - RT 11:41
The Creative force is very Spiritual and we All have it. September 29, 2005
Podcast # 121
Oct 03, 2005 - RT 19:17
Career vs. Motherhood Why women are at risk for domestic violence. October 3, 2005
Podcast # 122
Oct 05, 2005 - RT 05:08
An Apple a Day. October 5, 2005
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