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Podcast #108
September 08, 2005 - RT 17:21
HumanValue- It's Time for Women to Use Our Power. September 8, 2005

Human Value, what does that mean with regard to women in society? In the United State of America we are not represented in our government, and globally we are not represented. Where does this leave our daughters?

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Podcast # 105
Sep 05, 2005 - RT 16:32
Hurricane Katrina, They need our help now. September 5, 2005
Podcast # 106
Sep 06, 2005 - RT 7:18
The First day of School. Is Professionalism too much to ask? September 6, 2005
Podcast # 107
Sep 07, 2005 - RT 23:34
Politics and Religion - The two No No's we really need to talk about. September 7, 2005
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