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Podcast #225
May 18, 2006 - RT 6:55
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification of Your Stuff! May 18, 2006

Radio Frequency Identification can tell major retailers and the government the who, what, when, where of every item they buy or sell. How can this impact you?

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Podcast # 222
May 11, 2006 - RT 8:50
Credentials, who needs them? You do if you want a job. May 11, 2006
Podcast # 223
May 12, 2006 - RT 8:07
Phone tapping regular Americans? What the heck is this President doing? May12, 2006
Podcast # 224
May 17, 2006 - RT 4:54
HELP! Wal-Mart is trying to Hijack Mr. Smiley. May 17, 2006
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