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Podcast #207
March 27, 2006 - RT 11:57
The Illegal Invasion of Iraq was a crime and Bush is the criminal! March 27, 2006

Producing fake evidence to provoke an attack on a foreign country or planning to assassinate a head of state to overthrow his government is sleazy and criminal. What kind of man asks the favor of a foreign government to be an accomplice in such criminal behavior? What message are the United States and Great Britain sending to the world?

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Podcast # 204
Mar 17, 2006 - RT 21:23
St. Patrick's Day! March 17, 2006
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Mar 20, 2006 - RT 16:46
Welcome Spring! March 20, 2006
Podcast # 206
Mar 21, 2006 - RT 06:51
Slicing our lives into Nanoseconds. March 21, 2006
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