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Podcast #189
February 22, 2006 - RT 10:15
Is it Blasphemous? February 22, 2006

Is it blasphemous to say that these old books don't serve us anymore and should be thrown in the garbage? Well, that's only if you think that they are sacred. Can something be sacred if it hurts and demoralizes half of the population of the planet?

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Podcast # 186
Feb 13, 2006 - RT 24:56
Hamas, Women and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. February 13, 2006
Podcast # 187
Feb 14, 2006 - RT 10:44
Inspiration! February 14, 2006
Podcast # 188
Feb 21, 2006 - RT 17:12
Growing Pains. February 21, 2006
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