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Podcast #182
January 31, 2006 - RT 14:08
Support Science - VOTE for Change! January 31, 2006

Support Science and the free exchange of information! This year there are 33 Senate seats up for re-election. We need to give them all the boot, and institute some term limits because those entrusted to be our stand-ins are not doing their job. Our top Scientists are being threatened and censored, our liberties are under attack and these "gentlemen and women" are patting each other on the back while our rights are being taken away.

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Podcast # 179
Jan 24, 2006 - RT 16:29
Drones, Unmanned Ultra High Tech Remote Controlled Killing Devices. January 24, 2006
Podcast # 180
Jan 25, 2006 - RT 11:18
Enron and the Bush Connection, it is a lot more involved than you think. January 25, 2006
Podcast # 181
Jan 30, 2006 - RT 10:01
WAKE UP AMERICA! The Whitehouse is CENSORSING our Scientists! January 30, 2006
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