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Podcast #172
January 10, 2006 - RT 13:07
Global Connections: Us, Them and Most Importantly We. Part 1 January 10, 2006

Us vs. Them... racism, in all forms is such an ugly manifestation of fear. I often wonder how it became so ingrained in our societies. We all bleed, we all breath air, we all desire love. All over the world people talk about ?Us? and ?Them? as if somehow we are different. History books would have little to talk about if it were not for one group fighting another for the right to be ?right? I guess. When will we get it that Us is Them, and we are all one.

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Podcast # 169
Jan 05, 2006 - RT 8:28
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Jan 06, 2006 - RT 7:01
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Jan 09, 2006 - RT 12:02
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