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Podcast #167
January 03, 2006 - RT 5:17
Vacation, Resolutions and New Year's stuff January 3, 2006

I had a great vacation! I left all of my technology behind and went snowboarding with my family. Now the New Year's resolution...mine is to continue podcasting for peace. To work towards living a life of grace and humility, always thinking about 'paying it forward'.

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Podcast # 164
Dec 13, 2005 - RT 12:57
Is Capital Punishment Federal Government Sanctioned Killing? December 13, 2005
Podcast # 165
Dec 14, 2005 - RT 20:37
Capital Punishment Part 2 Look at the Social commentary underlying crime. December 14, 2005
Podcast # 166
Dec 21, 2005 - RT 10:47
Peace and Blessings to all people of all faiths! December 21, 2005
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