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Podcast #129
October 18, 2005 - RT 29:52
First In A Series - Walk A Mile Featuring: Josh In Japan. October 18, 2005

In my continuing effort to dialog with people from around the world, I am pleased to feature: "Josh In Japan". Josh is on active duty with the US Navy and also runs a top rated podcast all about Japan. Join me in an enlightening conversation and a really informative perspective from Josh, about Japan, and what it's like for an American immersed in the local culture in The Land of the Rising Sun.

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Podcast # 126
Oct 13, 2005 - RT 07:17
Stress... New York is always on Terror Alert. How do we deal? October 13, 2005
Podcast # 127
Oct 14, 2005 - RT 07:17
Be Informed -Take time to understand the Spiritual practices of others. October 14, 2005
Podcast # 128
Oct 17, 2005 - RT 06:12
Monday and the Dinner Dilemma. October 17, 2005
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