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Podcast #126
October 13, 2005 - RT 07:17
Stress... New York is always on Terror Alert. How do we deal? October 13, 2005

Stress, it makes your neck hurt, your mind dull and your day distracted. Most of the time we stress about things we have no control of. Here in New York we are always on Terror Alert. People are wigged out. The Mayor gets on TV and says stupid things. How do we deal? We listen to our Pod of course.

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Podcast # 123
Oct 07, 2005 - RT 07:33
In Afghanistan 25 percent of Parliament seats are reserved for women. Why not in USA? October 7, 2005
Podcast # 124
Oct 10, 2005 - RT 09:47
Columbus was a creep! Why did we give him a Federal Holiday? October 10, 2005
Podcast # 125
Oct 11, 2005 - RT 14:27
The Army is having recruiting troubles. Lowering standards is not a good 'Plan B'. October 11, 2005
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