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Podcast #116
September 23, 2005 - RT 05:44
Why do some Moms look so bad? Take Care of Yourself! September 23, 2005

Why do they look so bad? I was looking around today, and I asked myself, "Why do these mothers look so bad"? And it occured to me that since society places so little value on what mothers do and, then eventually it's going to seep right into your brain... Some women have been treated with such little value for so long that they don't even value themselves.

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Podcast # 113
Sep 20, 2005 - RT 12:26
The Equal Rights Amendment. September 20, 2006
Podcast # 114
Sep 21, 2005 - RT 13:49
Is the Occupation of "Mom" Discriminated Against? September 21, 2005
Podcast # 115
Sep 22, 2005 - RT 13:15
Stay-at-home Moms discriminated against - Part 2. September 22, 2005
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