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Podcast #114
September 21, 2005 - RT 13:49
Is the Occupation of "Mom" Discriminated Against? September 21, 2005

Why is it so difficult for Mothers to be part of the political process? Is the Occupation "Mom" discriminated against? Being a "Stay-at-home Mom" is an occupation with specific limitations. The country has made specific accomodations for others with limitations with the American's with Disabilities Act of 1990. Listen to how interestingly this Legistation fits the "Stay-at-home Parent" profession.

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Podcast # 111
Sep 14, 2005 - RT 12:07
John Roberts for Chief Justice? Why? September 14, 2005
Podcast # 112
Sep 15, 2005 - RT 12:45
The Pledge of Allegiance - Who needs it? September 15, 2005
Podcast # 113
Sep 20, 2005 - RT 12:26
The Equal Rights Amendment. September 20, 2006
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