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  Our Vision

To Create a World-Wide Community of Powerful Thinkers

By providing access to one-another, with discussion groups and shared multi-media content, IronDove believes that regular people like you and I can help to bring about change. It is our intention to bring many discussion issues out into the open because we believe that dialog is the key to understanding.

We believe that a global plan for a world-wide lasting peace is possible and necessary.

The following are some issues that we think play a part in hindering a global lasting peace. We invite you to join us at the community forum and share your thoughts.


Some of the issues :
  • The current paradigm for women and families.
  • Mothers work must be considered a legitimate profession. Specifically, the unpaid labor of love that consumes most women's lives adds significant value to the Global Economy. How can we have this value recognized by our Governments?
  • Coming up with peaceful and better ways to resolve conflicts.
  • The promotion of equality among all people.
  • Discussing and proposing differing views of how people can be free to relate to one another as intellectual persons without worry of judgment and harassment.
  • Spiritual Explorations without organized Religion.
  • Environmental Technology and Green Energy issues.
  • Women, marriage, equality and freedom. For some reason, even in America, this is still just wishful thinking.
  • Promote a border less world where people respect each other and their environments.
  • Raise Consciousness for a New age of peace by addressing Ignorance. 'Walk a mile in My Shoes'. Present stories from around the globe in short videocast segments.
  • Cultural Mythology and Religious Holidays.
  • Encouraging understanding by helping people to educate themselves about other cultures.
IronDove is committed to peace by linking creative minds world-wide.
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