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  About Us
Why are we doing this?

We believe that thoughts can change the world. We believe that people can bring their mind energy together and affect change. No egos, no greed, no self-serving government crap, just regular people using their creative, brilliant minds to communicate with one another and work towards a real and sustainable peace. We want to give our children and the children of the world a beautiful bright future.

Imagine a peaceful world. If it can be imagined, it can be done!

A new paradigm is emerging in the delivery and exchange of information.  The Internet has become ubiquitous and has enabled a tremendous growth in the availability of information across the world.  This availability of information is currently undergoing a major change.  Not only are many people connected to the internet but a new device, the MP3 player and in particular Apple Corporations iPod©, have dramatically changed the way people listen to, store and share music.  A new vehicle, the podcast, allows for the creation of MP3 files of either music or other audio content to be downloaded and saved to a computer for upload to a MP3 player.  In addition, the introduction of RSS (Relatively Simple Syndication) feeds has created a tremendous opportunity for individuals to share their thoughts.  The combination of RSS, which allows for the automatic update of information over the internet and MP3 files allows for the publication and update of all sorts of audio and video content.  This content in essence becomes available At Will and on Demand whenever the user so desires by accessing it through their computer, iPod or other MP3 player type device. has been formed in order to take advantage of this emerging technology. In addition to creating podcasts and videocasts, IronDove will act as a host for creative minds world-wide to access and dialog with one another.  The purpose of this Web site will be to create a community of like-minded listeners and contributors.  IronDove will make podcasts on a daily basis and make them available via RSS feeds to subscribers automatically via the Internet. We are committed to peace through dialog using creative problem solving to heal ourselves and our world.


Powerful thinking for a Peaceful World™

IronDove will initially focus its content on L's unique perspective on the world, motherhood, women’s issues, and the daily trials and tribulations of children, people and relationships. These are very scary times. War is raging around the world. People starve to death each and every second. Women are brutalized, children are orphaned, and men are maimed and murdered. We can all imagine a better world.

Our podcasts are meant to appeal to a broad audience comprised of courageous thinkers. Men and Women who are sensible, strong, compassionate and in particular desire to express themselves in positive and world changing ways.  We have adopted the Tag Line Powerful Thinking for A Peaceful World™ in order to convey our message.

Who we are:

L runs her own Graphic Design business and maintains an extensive portfolio including multi-media business campaigns, identity creation, trade show work and other creative collateral. She has worked for many of the nations top firms as a free lance Art Director while raising a family and running a home. With her unique take on Women’s and Mother’s issues combined with her work and life experience, L is the creative force behind our Pod and Videocasts. She continues to study Digital Film Making and Emerging Digital Technologies at New York University.

Scott earned his MBA in Finance from Pace University and has spent most of the last 26 years working on Wall Street for some of the most well known financial firms in the world. He has held positions in Treasury, Trading and Trading Systems development as well as Project Management and Web site creation. Scott manages the day-to-day operations of the business including investments, finance and all of the Technology stuff. Additionally, he provides inspiration for many of our podcasts by presenting the male view on certain issues


IronDove is committed to peace by linking creative minds world-wide.
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